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Spring Is Title

Spring is the morning bird song,
Crocuses and Daffodils,
Blossoms blowing in the breeze,
And pies on windowsills.

Springs a gentle warming,
After the winter's thaw.
It's natures resurrection,
That leaves us all in awe.

Spring is natures promise,
Of hope and rebirth.
A time when all the Angels,
Redecorate the Earth.

Spring the Season of Rebirth
Springs Gentle Warming.
Spring Squirrels Busy
Spring Natures promise of hope.
Spring Sqirrels make Haste
Spring Natures promise of hope.

Spring's a time for planting,
Pretty flowers to adorn.
A time for being thankful,
Just because you were born.

Spring is the morning sunshine,
And the afternoon delights.
When Mother Nature celebrates,
Her God given rites.

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