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Chrissy was a new angel. She had only been in Heaven a few days. Everything was so beautiful there, and everyone was so nice. And even though she was the newest angel she had been given a very important task.
Chrissy was in charge of the rain.
Every week, on Monday and Thursday, she had to be sure that the clouds opened up and spread their raindrops all over the world.
Because every so often, every living thing on the earth needed rain.

Chrissy asked one of the older angels if he could help her. "Well," said the old one, "the angel that had the job before you used to tell sad stories to the clouds, and that made them cry." But Chrissy was a very happy little angel and she didn't know any sad tales. So she didn't think that would work.

One night Chrissy flew up to see the Man In The Moon to ask him if he knew how to make it rain.
"Hmnnn," said the moon as he thought about the question. "You might try pinching the clouds to see if that would make them cry." But Chrissy didn't want to hurt the clouds and so she decided that was not a good idea.
What was she to do, it hadn't rained for more than a week, she had to think of something soon!

The next morning, as the little angel was walking around Heaven, skipping from cloud to cloud, she heard someone giggling.  It was the little cloud she was walking on! Chrissy bent down and asked the fluffy white cloud what was so funny.
"It's your toes," replied the soft one, "They tickle us when you walk!"
"Oh, I'm so sorry," said Chrissy, "I shall try to be more careful."
"No, no, please don't," said the cloud, "We love to be tickled. It makes us laugh so hard we almost cry!
Well, that gave Chrissy an idea! She bid the cloud goodbye and went off to think.

The next day was Monday, and it was raining all over the world!  And there was a very strange sight in Heaven!  Little Chrissy was running and skipping and wiggling her toes across all the clouds in the sky.  The clouds were giggling and laughing so hard that tears were coming to their eyes!  And the tears were falling to earth and making a wonderful rain.
The grass was getting greener, the trees were growing taller, the flowers were looking lovelier than ever and all the animals had water again.
Everything looked bright and fresh and happy.  The little angel named Chrissy had done a wonderful job and she still does it to this very day.

So the next time it rains in your part of the world, just think of Chrissy, way up in Heaven, tickling all the clouds with her toes.  And if you should hear some thunder don't be frightened.
 Sometimes the clouds laugh so hard it sounds like a roar, but they're really just having a lot of fun.

D.A. Tony Ciango

Amazing angel stories, this one is heavenly harley angel story, written by Ed.

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