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Angels On My Pillow

Angels On My Pillow

I have angels on my pillow,

To help me get through the night;

They are always sent by God above,

To say, "All is well and do sleep tight".

And when I dream of all the  things,

That have come into my life;

His angels always tell me,

Everything's going to be alright.

I wake up in the morning,

With shining sunlight on morning dew

My angels say they will be back,

Before this day is through.

It's nice to lay my head down,

At the end of a long, long day;

and have angels on my pillow,

To listen while I pray.

Thank you, God, for everything,

You've granted me from heaven;

My gifts from you are so much more,

Than the ones which I have given.

Make no mistake, I appreciate,

I fold my hands to say so;

And God, I love the little angels,

You've sent to rest upon my pillow.

Angels On My Pillow ~ By Shirley Jean Pickens

Music "Angel in the Morning"

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