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Patchwork Legacy

Patchwork Quilts on Wisconsin Barns
Grandma fashioned a gift for me
created from her soul.
This legacy, filled with her love,
has made my life rich and whole.

A million stitches without thread,
upon a clothless frame.
Each one adds strength and guidance
for the life I shall attain.
Grandmas Art
Consistency of toil and care
adorn each tuck and pull,
then knotted firmly and securely
for days happy and full.

Splashes of color parallel
the joys and memories,
with daily diligence created
as time swiftly flees.
Wisconsin Barn Quilts on foggy Morning
Numerous textures, patterns, shapes
celebrate lessons learned;
now passed to me unselfishly,
as Grandma's wish had yearned.

Though separate, yet intertwined,
each patch lends staunch direction;
The life quilt that she had invisioned,
Wrought from love's conception.

Grandma's QuiltingPatchwork Legacy By J.A.Heitmueller

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