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Today as I knelt in prayer,
I asked my Heavenly Father
for angels to guide your way.
To protect you, and watch over you
both night and day.
To cover you with His precious love
and keep you from all harm,
To light your path when the way is dark
and when it's cold to keep you warm.
For you are an American soldier,
defending freedom with your life,
Leaving behind a family,
children, a husband or a wife.
But you are a true patriot,
guarding our country no matter the price.
A proud American,
ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Seven Found, Prayers Answered
Palm Sunday: 04-13-03

So if you feel a gentle caress
or the brush of velvet wings,
You will know that angels hover over you
and they were sent by the
King of Kings!!

Poem by Gayle Wheat
A Soldier's Wife
March 20,2003
In Honor of our Brave American Soldiers



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