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“Walking with Grandpa

The Best things in life are simple,
Like walking with a friend

I like to walk with Grandpa, His steps are short as mine.

He doesn’t say, Now hurry up! He always takes his time. Most people have to hurry,

They do not stop and see. I’m glad that God made Grandpa, unrushed and young like me.

Walking With Grandpa and Fishing

"Grandpa, grownups don't pay any attention to me."
said little Jimmy.
Grandpa replied, "They don't pay any attention to me either."
"Grandpa, sometimes grownups make fun of me.
Do they make fun of you too?&quot
Grandpa said,  "Yes too."
"Grandpa, some days I get tired and have to rest in the afternoon."
"I know, Jimmy....I do too." , said Grandpa.
"I love you Grandpa." said little Jimmy.
"And I love you too." Grandpa replied.
"I wish more people told me that." said Jimmy.
"Me too!" answered Grandpa.

Walking With Grandpa and Flying a Kite  Walking With Grandpa and Flying a Kite

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