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Danny's Sunset, Good Won't Get You There

Good Won't Get You There

I'm standing there in front of gates like none I've ever found
They shine like golden ribbons as they glide across the ground

I see the stairs that never end how brilliantly they glow
I start to climb and realize there's nothing down below

Then suddenly the two appear yes they must be my guide
They didn't speak or show their face while they were by my side

Golden Cross Can't Get You ThereWe reached the top and I was placed in line with everyone
The two so quickly disappeared I guess their job was done

Such purity was all around so it just had to be
The day that would determine where I'd spend eternity

The line moved very slowly but since I'd been good and kind
I knew where I was going so I really didn't mind

I watched so many walk away with wings as white as snow
The others were escorted out to where? I didn't know

My turn had come to face the Lord but much to my surprise
I didn't feel so confident when I looked in his eyes

I felt his power all around and nothing was the same
He opened up this golden book and asked me for my name

He said " Where your name should appear there's just a vacancy"

I said " But God I've been so good please look again for me "Good Can't Get You There Dove

God closed the book and tiny angels wiped his tears away
He said " I hope you'll understand what I'm about to say

Do you recall that poor old man who asked you for a dime?
You hurried passed and said to him that you did not have time

There also was a little child who wanted you to play
Again you didn't have the time and pushed the child away

In line while at the grocery store she tried to hurry so
You grumbled as you passed her by because she moved to slow

You see, I came so many times but you turned me away
So now I don't know who you are I'm sad for you today

If I'm not living in your heart you can't be free from sin
So being good is not enough you must be Born Again "

The two appeared just like before they stood close by my side
This time I saw their faces and became so terrified

Through tears I was escorted to my final destiny
I had no one to blame at all except for one, just me

Then suddenly a ringing sound completely filled my head
I opened up my eyes and found that I was still in bed

Through sweat and tears I realized how real our dreams could be
And then I wondered just how long that God would wait for me

That night I gave my heart away I'm Born Again through prayer
God proved to me with so much love that

" Good Won't Get You There "

Tiniest AngelBy: Freda H. Babinski
Written: 7-5-96
Background photo by Danny Debeauvais

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