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Gift Of You

The Gift Of You

You were a mirror into my soul;
a stillness amidst my storms.
I loved you deeply and with all of my heart.

You were a bright light that shone through my darkness;
a reflection of everything precious any heart could ever hold in one lifetime.
And in all of the world and all that it holds.... I Loved You!

Light Art from Robert Meyers

You became a part of me and all I would ever become.
I would never again be of one heart,
for my heart would forever hold you in it.

I saw within you beautiful dreams that you had yet to dream.
We shared our Journey through the laughter in our days filled with joy
......and through the pain in our glimpses of grief.

The foundation of you and I held strong through our love......
We were Family!
A shoulder is a gift that God gives each one of us for someone else to lean on ...
And many times I leaned on yours.

So when the day came when you left me.....
I grieved.
I grieved from within the very depths of my soul;
for that is where lives a part of you.....
But it was then, I realized that you had become a part of my eternity!
It was then, that I found the belief within me,
that the love we shared would span a lifetime...... beyond heaven!

It was then, that I thanked God for giving me the gift of "You" in my life.
It was then, that I became so thankful for the love you left behind for me to hold onto.
It was then, that I realized .....
you will always be a bright light that shines through my darkness.

It was then, that I realized that life is a staircase to heaven and as God reaches out to those who go before us......

He looks down on His Loved Ones ....

And Sends Us Back An Angel!!!!!

Angel art from Steven Rapelje


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