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Flight of the Angels Leaves

There is quietness over the glen
As chilly autumn settles slowly in
And like a leaf swirling in the wind
My life's journey nears its end.
Maple LeavesFalling Leaves and Branch
Where the leaves rest to ground
Soon the family will lay me down,
Behind the olden country church
Neath the leafless trees of birch.

My life's trials are soon ending
And to heaven I'll be ascending,
On golden shore will be my home
At the foot of God's holy throne.

Fight of the Angels one

Though midnight hour be my last
And my life's light is fading fast,
I harbor no fear of leaving here
For God's angel whispers I'm near.

Flight of the Angels Two

Their wings softly brush my cheek
As velvety darkness slowly creeps,
I smile knowing what joy lies ahead
As they tenderly lift me from my bed.

Falling Leaves

Bear me gently out of the night
Oh heavenly angels take flight,
Carry me up on snow-white wings
And to The Father my soul bring.

Maple LeavesFalling Leaves and BranchMaple Leaves

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