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Fallen Leaves

Fallen LeafFallen Leaf 2




I never cease to be amazed
By wonders God has planned...
The rising sun, the morning dew...
It's the work of a Master's hand.
Montana Dahlias
Such perfect system of control;
Every month, in sweet array,
Some different kinds of flowers bloom...
God planned it all that way.

McDonald Lake Reflection

For in the early days of Spring,
The bright forsythias grow,
And then in June sweet roses come,
In Autumn pumpkins glow.

And when cold weather comes our way,
I glance up at the sky
And see formation of the birds
As to the south they fly.


Fallen by DeerLake Designs.

Posted by Becca Rapelje on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's just a fool who could deny
This power through our land.
I am amazed, but realize
It's the work of a Master's hand.
Best of Montana Color
Fallen Leaves written by John and Edna Massimilla

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