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Easter Blessings

Spring Brings the Flowers

When Easter comes... so does spring,

bringing new life to the world.

The butterfly adorns the fields

gracefully moving among flowers so bold.

Butterfly on Pink Flowers

The beautiful flowers paint the mind

with their amazing fragrance.

As the birds prepare their nest,

they harmonize in song

celebrating joys of spring and new life.

New Baby Robins

Just as the spring rains

bring new life to trees and plants,

so did Christ's tears water our soul

giving us life through his death.

Easter Blessings Image of Christ in Tears

We call his act of love "Easter".

Spring Flowers for Easter


We are celebrating today, Oh Lord,
the angels rolling the stone away.
Join us as we gather to share
and give thanks for this day.
As we are caught up in well-worn traditions,
Lord, Keep them worthy,
for like the deer path through the forest,
they lead us both forward and back.
Thank you for your divine love
and may we understand anew what this day really means.

Easter Cross

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