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Be an Earthbound Angel

Be an Earthbound Angel

Be a friend;
True friendship is a priceless gift.
Always listen with your heart;
you must listen to a person before you can attempt to help them in any way, so always listen wholeheartedly.
Be An Earthbound Angel Heart

Reach out to those in need, even if you aren't quite sure what it is that they need from you.

Realize that miracles are not mysterious or impossible to achieve.
A miracle is the small thing you do that makes a big difference in someone else's life.

Remind some one that life is precious and worth living, even though their world seems hopeless and dark.

Know that feeling is the key to understanding. You must have some idea of how the other person feels before you can begin to understand them.

Keep the spirit of the holidays with you all year long,
Don't pack away your good will along with the ornaments after the holidays.

Be honest in loving and caring about someone;
sincere compassion is the best kind to give, and honesty is angelic.
Be An Earthbound Angel Kisses

Don't expect to sprout wings;
instead, be satisfied with the warm flutter of accomplishment.

Listen to your intuition;
It won't fail you in times of doubt.

Most of all, encourage more people to do all of the above, through your own shining example.

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