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A New Dawn

A New Dawn Over the Mountains

Another day is dawning. Wind is humming low.
Silver light of morning, casts a gentle glow.
Slowly sound of waking echo through the trees.
Ripples stir the lake with kisses from a breeze.

It must have been the same,
when that first Morning dawned.
When through the mist, there came
bright rays of the sun!
What eyes looked up in wonder?
What ears first heard the sound-
sea waves rolling thunder-
and winds that swept the ground?

Images by Robert Meyers Light Art

Now comes another morning, blessing fields of Earth.
Throughout the light of dawning, runs music of rebirth!
Have we no ears to hear it? Have we no heart to sing-
sweet songs of the Spirit, for newness morning brings?

Images by Robert Meyers Light Art

It is a new beginning,
and it happens everyday.
Another chance for winning,
and chasing doubt away.
Let us have the heart to give!
Let us have songs to sing now-
that bless the life we live!

Compliments of "Future Folk" Music

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