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Army Angels providing Care

The Great Commander raised his hand;
"We will do battle on this land!"
He ordered youth to come and serve.
He called upon those in Reserve.

He readied weapons one by one,
As each one came, a daughter, a son.
To lay their life down on command,
For something they'd not understand.

Army Helicopter Landing
But with each order came the call
To Angels who would watch them all.
From friends and family on their knees,
In prayer for warriors such as these.

Who knew of games and friends at school,
The love of cars, the golden rule.
Who needed something much much more,
Than what life had prepared them for.

So Heaven's Legions took command
And walked among the battle land,
Embracing sons who lost their youth,
To war's command and ugly truth.

Soldier Helping
And put a blessing in their dreams,
Of running dogs and fishing streams.
Who caught them as they fell with peace,
And flew them Home from war's release.

You'll hear a story now and then,
Of how it happened, where and when.
A soldier's life was spared by fate,
By one who should have fired in hate.

A land mine that would not fire.
An act of courage to inspire.
An unseen voice that gives the cry,
“You must do this or you will die.”
Sunset Image of Soldier and Gun
These are the things that fight the fight
For faith into the dark of night.
These are the things we can't explain,
That happen on the battle plain.

Remembering comrades who have died,
And broken hearts of those who've cried.
To those who lived through bitter war,
This day is yours, and much, much more.

Remember when you look on high,
And see the blue of clouds and sky.
That there is work for you to do;
That you are here, so you're not through.

Soldiers on the Sand
British Soldier - Stockpile of humanitarian supplies.

For surely as sweet freedom rings,
You've felt the touch of angel's wings.

Peace Doves

© - Jennifer Grant

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