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Look For The Angels

Looking for the Angels in the Waters of McDonald Lake

There are angels in the Heavens,

There are angels on the ground.

There are angels all around you,

Just waiting to be found.

So when you are feeling lonely

Or just a little blue,

Open your eyes to see the angels,

They are there, waiting for you.

Don't forget about these angels

During all of your good times too,

For they like to share your happiness

And the joys that come to you.

Angels in the Waterfalls

They will wrap their wings around you,

To protect and guide you through

All the sad and tragic moments

That this life can throw at you.

They are sent to you from Heaven

From our Father up above,

Soremember to look for the angels.

They'll show you all God's Love.


Written by Dorothy Carol Kemp

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